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About the Price List

Hello and thank you for your interest in my goodies. For those of you who are new, you will find this blog a little nutty and hopefully entertaining. For those of you who aren’t, I’m sorry. You will have to put up with the same mindless drivel you have come to expect from my posts.

It’s finally here; I have come up with an introductory rate price list. It is posted on the left…your other left…there it is. You will see pricing for cakes, cheesecakes and cookies. Other treats may be discussed via email (cellassweets@gmail.com.)
On the list there are a few things I would like to point out. The fondant I use is homemade, meaning it is very tasty and I can add a multitude of flavors to it. This is not your “peel the fondant off before you eat it” you may be used to. Trust me when I say, my fondant cakes are very tasty. The prices listed are for a layer of fondant with simple fondant designs layered on top. Other options may be discussed via email (cellassweets@gmail.com.) I am tinkering with 3D cakes as seen in the slideshow. Prices will vary depending on degree of difficulty.
When it comes to the cheesecakes, these are my babies. I love cheesecake and I highly recommend you try one. The crusts I use are the traditional graham cracker, Oreo (and I mean Oreo, no imitation sandwich cookie here, just crushed Oreos and butter…you had better wipe off that drool before you get it on your keyboard), chocolate shortbread and sponge cake. The Oreo and graham cracker are included in the pricing, however the other two are just a little bit more. The Towering Cheesecakes are a combination of cake and cheesecake layers. Very, very tasty. Picture a sandwich cookie, but instead of cookie and filling, you have cake and cheesecake. There is a picture of the Carrot Cake Cheesecake in the slideshow.
The cookies are pretty self explanatory. The Holiday sampler will include your choice of two of the above mentioned cookies along with an assortment of holiday treats, including but not limited to, fudge, thumbprints, fruit and nut balls and cookie crisps, not the cereal. For a nominal fee I will package them in a Holiday tin and deliver them to that special person at home, work or wherever. I can sing a song and have the Rockettes as my back up dancers but that does get a little pricey.
I am very flexible with what I can do, so if you have any ideas not on my list, please contact me to discuss it. I am very excited to offer these treats and hope you enjoy them.

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